van Gogh in Amsterdam

Few people know that, the other famous Dutch painter, Vincent van Gogh also lived in Amsterdam for over a year. Before becoming a painter, the 19-year-old Vincent lived there from May 1877 until July 1878 to prepare for his masters in theology following in his father's footsteps to become a minister. During this time Van Gogh wrote 29 letters to his brother and art dealer Theo, in which he paints a lively picture of Amsterdam in her second great period of economical and cultural growth after 150 years of stagnation and decline. As young Vincent walks to the centre of the Jewish neighbourhood every day to study the classics, famous sites like the Rijksmuseum, the St Nicolaas church and Central Station are being constructed. Wanting to become a minister of the protestant faith he is actively involved in the Calvinist community and for a while he teaches Bible class to children in the heart of the now famous red light district. Reading his letters one senses the birth of the later artist as he comes face to face with masterpieces of his hero Rembrandt. Vincent himself was a passionate walker and this tour,

3 hours including a drink, follows his footsteps ending at the Van Gogh museum at the Museumplein where the biggest collection of his work is exhibited.