Amsterdam has 41 city parks within her borders making her one of the greenest capitals of the world. This tour takes you to the Oosterpark, Sarphatipark and Vondelpark, the parks closest to the city centre and all three built at the end of the 19th century in the, back then, fashionable English style which is to give the park visitors the illusion that they are in nature, far away from the buzz of a modern city. These oases of green in Amsterdam are filled with art, picnics, people relaxing, stories, flora and fauna. The walk starts at the Oosterpark which has more statues and art then any other park in the city. From there we stroll (or we take the tram) to the Sarphatipark, crossing the river Amstel into the trendy and busy neighbourhood called de Pijp. This small park used to be the centre of prostitution in this old working-class area, now one of the most popular neighbourhoods of Amsterdam. After crossing the famous Museumplein we arrive at the Vondelpark the magical centre of the hippy movement in the 70’s where thousands of hippies with help and cooperation of the city spend the night together under the stars. This is a real nice walk (3hours) that, because of the, hopefully, excellent weather, will be interrupted for a drink whenever anybody gets thirsty.

At the end of the tour, there’s a picnic basket with nice food and cold drinks waiting to be consumed on the water or under a tree. As an extra, Amsterjan will play and sing some nice songs while the sun is setting over the city.