“That’s it man! I’m going! “Is the historical reaction of Jules to Vincent Vega’s description of hash bars in Amsterdam, explaining Dutch law concerning marijuana in Tarantino’s classic “Pulp Fiction”. In Holland it’s legal to use soft drugs that we call “wiet” or hash. Well actually it’s not really legal but we Dutch have a great tradition called “gedogen” which means “to tolerate”. After 25 years of toleration Amsterdam’s coffeeshops are as famous as Rembrandt and smoking a joint together in total freedom at home or in the coffeeshop is a widely practiced form of relaxation in Dutch culture. Amsterdam has about 340 coffeeshops and this tour takes you to the best, hippest and nicest ones in the old city.

During the walk, the history of this plant, the different smokes, and the Dutch tolerance policy will be revealed to you and at the end you will know the spots to buy excellent quality cannabis selected by local experts. Smokes and drinks are included in this tour and there are plenty occasions to buy your own stash. (Maximum is 5 grams by law). This tour is 18+ and people passed the age of 40 get a special discount.