Who is Jan?

I'm 34 years old and have been addicted to Amsterdam for some years now. Her attractive and picturesque centre is a marvellous place to live and walk in. There is always something happening in Amsterdam. Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by history. Even as a child, both my father and elderly brother - both of whom are historians - encouraged me to read history books on all kinds of subjects which enabled me to gain an extensive historical base and general knowledge to work from. When I moved to Amsterdam some years ago, I fell in love with this beautiful city on the water, with her history of tolerance, her pretty houses on the canals, beautiful art and architecture but especially with the pleasant feeling of “just being there” and being part of this great city! From that moment on I started to walk her streets and devour her extensive library.

Amsterdam has always been a city of immigrants and I'm one of them. I was born and raised in Alkmaar, the old and famous city of cheese, 40 km north east of Amsterdam and although my appearance may be Mediterranean I'm as Dutch as they make them. I've lived in Holland all my life with the exception of three years when I've had the privilege of spending my adolescence in Paris, which had a major impact on my life. It was here that I discovered music and singing but also the city of lights taught me that it was ok to be different so now as a tour guide, I try to make a difference! Besides being Amsterjan I'm also a singer and musician. I've played in several bands and have had a great time touring the whole country. You can find songs on another section of this website. Today I perform solo and on some tours I will actually bring my guitar to sing a couple of songs.

In 2004, I started to focus entirely on Amsterdam. After 8 years in sales and management for various companies I decided that since we have to work a big part of our lives I might as well do something I like most! Strolling through Amsterdam!

So now I'm a guide in Amsterdam. I visit her clubs, museums and galleries and am always on the look out for new funny stories and the Rembrandts and Spinoza's of our time. I eat in her many restaurants and live her life enjoying her treasures, culture and people.