Who is Amsterjan?

At 46 I've been a professional Amsterdam tourguide for 12 years. Ever since I moved to this beautifull city on the IJ in 2003 I've immersed myself in her history, culture, daily life and toured thousends of small and big groups from all over the world along her beatuful canals. From 2008 till 2013, next to my work is a guide, I studied history at the University of Amsterdam, specialising in the history of Amsterdam, from which I graduated with honours. My bachelor paper on Vaudeville theaters of Amsterdam in the 19th century was elected best academic paper on Amsterdam in the year 2011. I published numerous articles on the history of Amsterdam or columns on city life for various magazines and blogs and in 2013 to accompany the re-opneing of the Rijksmuseum I wrote a booklet with two walks through the city based on art from the Rijksmuseum 'Discover Amsterdam with the Rijksmuseum'  which you can order on the Dutch part of this website.

Because of my musical background as a singer and guitarist I am the only guide in town to bring along my guitar and sing Amsterdam folk songs during walks. Amsterdam is famous for this weird kind of sentimental folk music originating in the poor peoples neighbourhood the Jordaan. In the weekends you will find me in bars there singing these songs.

Walk, bike, boat with me through Amsterdam, to every part of the city, every theme or every museum. I'll show you the city as you've never seen it before.